Reflection of past students of St.Louis Schools on the experience of their school days:

  • In St. Louis we were not only taught classroom subjects. We were also educated on how to become respectable young ladies with good manners.
  • They taught me so much manners and virtues – apart from academics! Both the Rev. Sisters and the staff were determined to produce well-groomed ladies.
  • I cherish the etiquette. Socially we had a thorough education on etiquette. We were taught how to carry ourselves with good deportment – how to walk smartly; how to sit modestly and with poise; how to react and behave appropriately in public; how to conduct ourselves generally with decorum everywhere – like educated ladies.
  • We were taught how to talk and communicate politely, how to read/speak clearly with emphasis on good enunciation, pronunciations, punctuation and phrasing. All St. Louis girls of our time were ‘well spoken’.
  • We were taught to be lady-like and how to interact with people from different tribes, religious and economic backgrounds. We were taught how to live peacefully.