Marywood Girls College (M.G.C)
31, Franklin Street, Lagos
Mon-Fri : 07:00 - 17:00

sistersofsaintlouisWe are inspired in our life and mission by the vision of our founders, especially by Louis Bautain’s vision of a world healed, unified and transformed by the saving wisdom of Christianity.

We try to make our own their spirit of prayer, enthusiasm for the Gospel and sensitivity to contemporary needs.

We treasure the vision of faith and the rich traditions, which have been entrusted to us and we bring these to bear on our present and future by wise discernment of God’s will’.  (SSL Constitutions: #5)

The Sisters of St Louis have a long standing history of educating. We have been involved in education for the past 150years in some parts of Europe, America and West Africa. As St Louis educators we are called to teach all that is true and all that is good, all that needs to render human beings more enlightened and better.

In the words of Abbé Louis Bautain, our founder, the Sisters of St. Louis are charged to “Give an education that is at once solid and wide in scope, enabling the students to see as one whole all that concerns human kind, all the wonders of the natural world…… educated in this way, the students will be led to an understanding of the heart of things”.