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Abbé Louis Bautain

abbe-louis-bautainAbbé Louis Bautain was born and went to school in Paris, France, in a very troubled time.  The trauma of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars surrounded his early years.

Louis was a very bright and hardworking student and at twenty years of age he became a professor of philosophy at the Royal College of the University of Strasbourg.  He loved his work, he yearned to share his search for the meaning of life; “Why am I here, Where did I come from, What is my destiny”.  Reason which seemed to him to be the truest guide did not satisfactorily answer these questions.  He found that students were searching for something more concrete than the romantic idealism and egoistical materialism that was the philosophy of that time.  With youthful enthusiasm he set out to discover TRUTH, i.e. the meaning of existence.  He had the reputation of being the best lecturer in the university.  He worked and studied with passionate intensity in continuing his search for truth.

A university colleague said, “Nothing was inaccessible or difficult to the mind of Bautain, his intelligence climbed all heights, shone in all spheres and was everywhere at home”.  He had a triple university doctorate, in medicine, literature and theology, and he was also an expert, because of his writings, in philosophy and law.  Yet, he was a very simple and warm hearted man.