Marywood Girls College (M.G.C)
31, Franklin Street, Lagos
Mon-Fri : 07:00 - 17:00
25 Oct 2016

Poem For The School

Marywood Girls College is a school of knowledge

Where there is love and courage

It is a place of rest a place of test

What Joy could you lack for bringing your child to this institution

Get educated and dedicated.


24 Oct 2016


We were brought up to love another. In general, the St. Louis ‘charisma’ was an ‘agape’, a living experience of love in togetherness, unity and sharing.


  • In St. Louis we were not only taught classroom subjects. We were also educated on how to become respectable young ladies with good manners. They taught me so much manners and virtues – apart from academics! Both the Rev. Sisters and the staff were determined to produce well-groomed ladies.
  • I cherish the etiquette. Socially we had a thorough education on etiquette. We were taught how to carry ourselves with good deportment – how to walk smartly; how to sit modestly and with poise; how to react and behave appropriately in public; how to conduct ourselves generally with decorum everywhere – like educated ladies.
  • We were taught how to talk and communicate politely, how to read/speak clearly with emphasis on good enunciation, pronunciations, punctuation and phrasing. All St. Louis girls of our time were ‘well spoken’.
  • We were taught to be lady-like and how to interact with people from different tribes, religious and economic backgrounds. We were taught how to live peacefully.
24 Oct 2016

Everyone Must Be Articulate

Speaking and living are the two greatest ways of communication of the Truth that we live by.  We need to think well in order to speak well, and everyone should give time and effort to speaking well and being able to discuss and debate.  Bautain himself wrote a book on The Art of Speaking which was translated into English and published in the USA.  It was said of Bautain that he was the best lecturer in the University, eloquent but clear but also “He never ruffled the dignity of people, he couldn’t impose his truth”.

His view of teaching was that it should present challenges to the young, and allow them to challenge the situation of the world, so that they may be interested in creating a better world.  For him freedom was freedom to choose, freedom for responsibility.

02 Jun 2015

Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s day is a day set aside to celebrate children all round the world and the

idea to set aside a special day for children around the world was originally initiated by Rubah Mansoor a child of grade eight and it was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and given global prominence in 1954.

Children’s day celebration in Nigeria is celebrated on 27th of May every year and this year, Marywood Girls College joined in the celebration in a unique way by celebrating all the students in the school in grand style to honour the remaining children round the world.

The celebration started straight from the assembly ground where the students conducted the morning assembly and all acted as teachers even to the administrator addressing the students and giving them good morals as the real administrator Rev. Sis Gertrude Elelegu would have done.

The school administrator Rev. Sis Gertrude came up afterward to address the students on how the day would be and announced the student who would act on behalf of the administrator for the day. The nominees for the post of administrator for the children’s day celebration were selected based on their academic excellence, responsibility, eloquence, good behavior, good communications and ability to handle situations. At the end of it all, Ononuju Dubem Daniella of SS1 science emerged the winner and became the first administrator for children’s day celebration in Marywood Girls College and some other students acted as teachers. This awesome initiative is aimed at ensuring that children are leaders of tomorrow, inculcating in them good serve of belonging and being independent, taking right and Godly decision.

The administrator Rev. Sr. Gertrude Elelegu welcomed this idea so as to motivate other students to always be at their best behavior and do what is right at all times.

In Marywood Girls College, we have a long list of expectation from the students, we reminded them that they are leaders of tomorrow, counseled them and admonished them on virtues and excellence at school and home.